2007 — 15 August: back on a far more even keel

No more sick bowl last night though we could still use a tiny bit more beauty sleep. And it drizzles on, though slightly brighter. Just the ever-present wailing of sirens on the motorway! Crossword nearly finished, breakfast therefore to be contemplated. First two meds onboard. A mere four more to go this morning.

Excellent! She's polished off the first wodge of brekkie and has sent me up and down stairs doing an Oliver Twist. Incoming post has been handled. Initial stab at a shopping list for — heavens — well less than 30 minutes is now being drafted. Big Bro safely landed and contact established.

Seems to me a chap's work is never done!

Cheering down

Economically, this chap thinks (parts of) the world is in a bit of a mess:

In 2006, the infusion of foreign cash required to close the gap between American incomes and consumption reached nearly 7 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), leaving the United States with a deficit in its current account (an annual measure of capital flows to and from the rest of the world) of more than $850 billion. In other words, the quantity of goods and services that Americans consumed last year in excess of what we produced was close to the entire annual output of Brazil. "Brazil is the tenth largest economy on the planet," points out Laura Alfaro, an associate professor of business administration who teaches a class on the current account deficit at Harvard Business School (HBS). "That is what the U.S. is eating up every year — a Brazil or a Mexico."

Jonathan Shaw writing in Harvard Magazine "Debtor Nation"

How do you suppose one can teach an entire class on the current account deficit? All you need to do is listen to Mr Micawber, surely?

Afternoon cinematic bliss

While I was out on a hunt-gather (thank you, Shelagh) She was pottering around for an hour, did herself a meal, polished it off, and is now reclining blissfully watching the 1943 classic Heaven can wait despite the fact that we in all probability watched it within a week of my getting the DVD, a little over a year ago. So, a quick chicken pie, with added chips, peas, and ham, a nectarine, and a cuppa tea, and I'm jolly well going to join Her. 'Scuse us! Next up, the weekly EPO injection... That can certainly wait!

Evening concluding

A much better day today. Good night!