2007 — 13 August: quick, before it rains

The mighty hunter-gatherer is off out in search of a shaped cushion similar to the one my friend John uses for his long-term wheelchair use. Wish me luck! Hah! Said mighty h-g has now returned, in triumph.1 Let somewhat easier sitting begin.

In further triumphant news, today's crossword has been completed without a cross word. We are the champions.

This afternoon

Hunter-gathering goes (slightly) higher-tech! Again, minor-league stuff, but I've just placed my first-ever Internet grocery order, and I got it to just 10p over the minimum order value. Pretty good, She reckons!

This evening

If the rapidly scudding and changing clouds are any sign, we are indeed in for a change in the weather. Smooth landing, please, for Big Bro who's due into Heathrow tomorrow from (I presume) Auckland.


I found a Beta release of VirtualAcorn for the Mac (alas, not for Intel Macs):

Mac running Acorn RISC-OS



1  I had no idea that a cancer patient is allowed such items free of VAT.