2007 — 8 August: sunny so far!

She: "You haven't written it yet?"
He: "No, I'm just thinking what to put."
She: "Write it later. Read the paper."

There's wisdom for you! She also tells me (shades of TS Eliot) I must eat a peach (or a nectarine).

Thanks for your call, Roger

One gentle step at a time, my friend. And each day as it comes whistling down the chute.

Today, for example, is set to be Round Two of the ongoing battle with Blue Belle's new alternator. (On the right, if you need a clue.)


There was no way the new brushes would be persuaded into the old alternator on Monday, and the other old alternator looked far too crusty to be worth the struggle to fit, so the bullet was duly bitten. I suspect there is still money to be made in supplying the bits to keep old cars on the road. I saw an "A" registration Beetle1 just yesterday, parked near Mr Fishy Co. And I don't mean an "A123ABC" I mean an "ABC123A"! That's Summer of Love territory.

Infinity and beyond

Tonight's BBC4 programme Dangerous Knowledge (aka Maths and Madness) looks like it's taking a Turing Machine out for a Cantor round the block, constantly visiting Boltzmann just for the Gödel of it! Should be a laugh riot.

A Good Day?

Pretty good so far, yes. The weekly EPO injection went in smoothly. Plus the surgery phoned to tell us that the hospital had now confirmed an infection last week, and I could come in to pick up a prescription for Her for an antibiotic to nail it. Been there; done that. I like pro-activity. Thank you (again) Shelagh!



1  This reminded me — falsely, as it turned out (but it was a useful distraction) — of a couple of scenes at the start and end of a marvellous book (Earth Abides by George R Stewart, published in 1950) in which protagonist Isherwood Williams finds an abandoned little green coupé (that I misremembered as a Beetle) parked neatly by the Golden Gate bridge when he is exploring a world devastated by a sudden global epidemic, and which he poignantly sees once again (rusted away, of course) over 40 years later at the end of his life.