2007 — 5 August: sunny Sunday

Shaping up into another hot one, it seems. But basically a good solid night's sleep for the pair of us broken only by the thoughtless noise1 from some of the more juvenile set in the wee small hours.

The weekly snailmail to dear Mama has just been toddled gently down to the post box in good time for the noon collection (and added to the web site for the delectation of sister-in-law Lis in far off New Zealandland). Lunch preparations are now under way, and the fan in the study gives a faint illusion of a cooling breeze. Plus, there's the concluding half of Solaris on BBC Radio 4 to tune into at 3 pm. Busy day, heh?

Heading rapidly for 7 pm

Time to pop the majority of the evening meds, fasten some wet kitchen towel to the porch thermometer to stop it going into orbit — it had reached 41C, soak the head (including what's left of the hair) under a cool shower head, and set about some evening calorific input. But this is all after tea and a tiffin in the shade of the bungalow's back garden sun canopy, semi-surrounded by hot cats, most of whom are probably thinking "why am I wearing a fur coat?"

Tomorrow, it's time to do some surgery on Blue Belle's alternator brushes, it seems.

A Good Day?

On mature reflection2 (which is about all I can manage after 10 pm these days) and with three toddles round the houses easily equivalent to the ward-traversing we were wont to do during Her hospital stays, yes it's been a Good Day.

Christa and the Old Geezer

And there was a wonderful red sky sunset, too. Good night.



1  Even my limited study of the Highway Code so far has informed me that use of a car horn is illegal at such a time except for its emergency warning purpose, which this clearly wasn't.
2  Which is certainly what I look like when I catch an occasional glimpse of myself in a mirror, and think to myself "Who's that old geezer?"