2007 — 27 July: summer outings (2)

To the GP's surgery, with the first of what will (doubtless) be a long batch of repeat prescription medicine requests. The walk will do me (us) good! And the sun is shining. Then, after "lemonses", a quick trip to Christa's bank, and a spot of hunter-gathering, it seems. Good job it's Friday!

If Her current work rate out in the garden is any guide, she's a lot fitter and with more energy than me. (No change there, then.)

Later that day

How did it get to be after 7 pm already? Where did the day go? A question for deeper contemplation after the end of the current BBC Radio 2 programme "Mad about the Boy" about the music (and sardonic, witty lyrics, of course) of Noël Coward. I also noticed in Waterstone's today that his two volumes of autobiography have re-appeared in new paperback editions. You would be foolish, indeed, to miss out on Present Indicative (1937) and Future Indefinite (1954). Beautifully written, too, by the Master. I nearly (re)-bought them for the sheer pleasure of ownership (I already have them in a well-thumbed 1986 single book edition).

But what else did we get up to? There was certainly some sleeping involved, which is a deliciously lazy thing to do during the hours of daylight. A spot of email (more Hers than mine, as usual), a handful of phone calls (more Hers than mine, as usual), a smidgin of web browsing. Working through the day's meds. Browsing through the Southampton market for some plants. Exchanging some T-shirts in M&S. Stocking up in Aldi. It hardly seems to constitute a full day's worth but, here it is, very definitely time for another mind-stretching episode1 of Boston Legal.

A Good Day.



1  Make that two episodes, including the delicious "Duck and Cover".