2007 — 22 June: mid-summer, heh?

There's another inch or so in the non-pond...

Yesterday's expotition... department

I now know better the limits of an image-stabilised telephoto zoom on a dull and windy morning near the Eling tide mill:


Perhaps this is more a case of defending your surf? The egret's landing immediately preceded the gull's take-off, that's for sure.

The new toy is here!

And what a chunky toy it is, to be sure. It's apparently a matched pair of 500GB SATA drives, pre-formatted to the Mac HF+ (which makes a pleasant change, somehow). It's also pre-configured to RAID0, but that can be altered. Not until I'm sure the Donner und Blitzen around here has finished for a while, though.

Rip crackaway!

Not a reference to the Deadwood stage, of course. I've now ripped 1,304 CDs, and just uncovered my first duplicate copy ("Quantum Jump" by ditto, aka Rupert Hine). I've also confirmed I can share the 320GB drive USB-attached to the HP Media PC with the iMac via the network, which considerably eases the capacity pressure on the system drive. Next task: add in the 1TB drive to the iMac, attaching it via the Firewire800 port.

That will have to wait until tomorrow, which it nearly is, of course. Merciful Heavens. Even BBC Radio 3's late night Jazz is coming from Glastonbury. Doesn't sound too soggy, though we've just had a brief, heavy shower.