2007 — 16 June: 26 years ago...

Marked (though I'd honestly forgotten until She reminded me) my first day at IBM. Crikey! Yesterday to be exact. And it seems just like yesterday, too. Must have a word with Einstein about that one day. In more local temporal news, She has just completed one week back at home and is doing pretty well, thank goodness. I shall see if I can't put my incipient ulcer back on "hold" for a bit.

We did indeed start watching Hot Fuzz by the way, but she fell asleep and missed two of the murders, so we agreed to resume later! Good film, though.

Roses are blooming in Picardie... department

Here, in our own front "garden" in truth:

Rose of Sharon

Take a closer look.

This fellow isn't a triffid...

But I've been calling them that for so long I'm not going to change now. Besides, triffids are far and away my favourite "fruit"!


Take a closer look.

Did I mention we have ants?

Guess where this one's chosen to hang out:


Take a closer look.

Now back to my CD ripping (1,057 and still counting), then (if you're good!) I'll tell you what I found in Eastleigh! An exciting life, heh?