2007 — 12 June: it's a quiet Life1

Slightly further into the weekly routine; newspaper and Radio Times2 digested, breakfast digesting, small mountain of CDs to digest. Off we set. 954 and (still) counting. But (if the number of boxes can be relied on) I am now just over the peak and on the downhill slope. Where are all the boxed sets, though? Now, there's a good question.

Meanwhile, She has two minor medical appointments today, and sees Her surgeon again tomorrow for — we muchly hope — Her final sign-off. What a busy girl!

Yesterday's "Humph" quote, lest you wondered, marked the return of the radio show I'm sorry I haven't a clue in jolly good form. I especially enjoyed the computer praising Stephen Fry's cleverness.

Lest I forget... department

Not only has stuff been flowing down the Amazon route but, during the trip to sort out my bank(s) yesterday I also stumbled across a few bits'n'bobs. Here's news of the latest little pile:

Today's mini-adventure

My kindly retiring neighbour and I managed to squeeze in a return trip to — inter alia — Compton Hill, where I found a Cinnabar moth worthy of pixellation:

Cinnabar moth

To be seen under our noses

Right here, in River City, in thumbnail form...

Lily thumbnail

And if you'd like to see a bigger view.

And today's mystery object

In thumbnail form...

Small mystery

And if you need a bigger clue.



1  Recall the 1953 (and much-anthologised) Jerome Bixby SF short story of very similar title. There's still a lot to be said for peace and quiet, trust me.
2  Do you suppose the once-monopolistic BBC is cross that it never grabbed the name TV Times before all those Johnny-come-lately commercial blighters came along? I suppose they thought TV might never catch on. Perhaps it won't.