2007 — 13 May: pollen, pollen, go away

I remember typing, only yesterday, "nary a duplicate". Hah! I have some 1,400 duplicate MP3s still to hunt down and eliminate. Some, of course, are live versions of studio tracks of the same title. Many (alas) are caused in part by1 careless database entry on the various online systems that I've been using to populate the ID tags. As usual, the attempt to avoid work sometimes ends up creating more work than the amount saved.

Still, having waited in all day, we did eventually get our second delivery of "pond filler". But no top soil. (This is a minor drawback, it seems.) I foresee some further load shifting in my immediate future. On that topic:

Today's mystery object

In thumbnail form...

Small mystery

And if you need a bigger clue.

What a nice chap!

Gene Wilder, that is, who made a brief appearance on Parkinson last night. (We missed whatever Messrs Hislop and "Captain Jean-Luc" were plugging as we were re-watching the extended edition of Friday's Have I got news for you?) I'm not certain I would go to see a stage version of Young Frankenstein but, who knows? Right now, I'm listening to a nice archive concert recording of Manfred Mann's Earthband on BBC 6Music, but I'm thinking it's time to shut down for the night!

Did I really just hear a newspaper editor on 6Music two minutes ago defending his decision to offer Tubular Bells as a freebie CD by saying they had earlier given away Dolly Parton's greatest tits album? Where's that ear-wax remover?

Waiting for Godot... department

As a retired chap I have, of course, an infinite well of patience to draw upon. Just as well. I observed some while ago that BBC2 had decided to displace a Reese Witherspoon film by some unscheduled tosh about owls. So I can finally catch her tonight on BBC3 providing I sacrifice some Antiques Roadshow...

Day 191  


1  Or, in the bizarre case of Dusty Springfield's delightful You don't have to say you love me which is on both the 1987 album "Sixties 1" and the 1998 album "Dusty", caused by a choice of reversed (left right) orchestral derangement. (Same problem with the Electric Prunes' Get me to the world on time on "Nuggets 4" and "The psychedelic years 4".)