2007 — 30 Apr: No more Frying tonight

By which I mean both She Who Must Be Adored and I reached our Stephen Fry limit last night in the second episode of Kingdom before the first ad break. I wonder if that's some sort of record? She went on to watch the rest of last night's Pot Luck 2, though sounding somewhat disgruntled in the face of my (youthful) enthusiasm.

Speaking of which, said enthusiasm is in some danger of crumbling in the face of poor behaviour on the parts of both Linux and OS X. In the former case, I find only the first of the four defined workspaces is top and tailed by the normal desktop furniture. I had to poke around with Ctrl/Alt/arrow to discover they were still there, and indeed fully functional. If I sent applications into them from workspace 1 they were OK, merely extremely well-concealed. As for OS X, what can I say? Twice now, Firefox, when recovering from a nap, has sent the machine into a frozen tizzy. While the spinning rainbow wheel is sort of pretty, I could do without it.

Further attack of the pollen... department

Guess who's been playing with Photoshop?


Closer views (large file warning) available here.

Diary archive CSS... department

Young Brackenbury has raised the spectre of an old (technically, a long-recognised) attack vector with my use of the CSS "visited" link pseudo class. I rather hope my not doing anything sneaky or underhand at, as it were, my server end is sufficient. Otherwise I shall have to disappoint Junior by removing this piece of usability.

Those better qualified than I can download a PDF description from back in 2002 here. ("Save target as" or "Save link as" may help.) There's an interesting demonstration here, and related links here. It occurs to me that if the world only contained honest people, a lot of problems would disappear overnight. So would all the lawyers, I guess. And, come to think of it, what would all the politicians do?

I find myself agreeing... department

Young Charlie Brooker is off on an anti-fashion rant in today's Guardian:

As far as I can tell, fashion is nothing more than a handy visual system that gives people with no personality some palpable criteria to judge each other by. Anyone who regularly contemplates clothing for more than five minutes a week is wasting their life...

Charlie Brooker

I've been outed... department

As a "Doonesbury" addict, in the Sunday Tribune at the time of the Guardian's latest format upheaval. Journalist Fergus Cassidy neatly summarised the storm in a blog cup that we stirred up, forcing the hapless/helpless features editor to promise to reinstate the strip for at least another 25 years. Amazing what you can find on the Interweb thingy, isn't it? The power of the web, indeed.

Come back, Dr Tufte!

Brian's just sent me this link regarding the visual exploration of data complexity. The overhead view of ball movement during football games (!) reminds me immediately of Mark Ravenhill's anti-sports paean. The 3D file manager example looks somewhat less chaotic...

But I retain a fondness for the work of style.org not least because its principal, Jonathan Corum, provided me the inspiration I needed for molehole's own design, and he's long been documenting his search for the perfect Eggs Benedict.

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