2007 — 29 Apr: Russian Dolls

Or Pot Luck 2 is a marvellous film, and an excellent sequel to Pot Luck (L'auberge espagnole).

Well, I thought so. She Who Must Be Adored, however, only lasted for about 40 minutes — having got up very bright and early that morning to sort out, inter alia, the swallowing of one of her bits of plastic by one of those evil ATMs. Turns out the Woolwich branch (or should that be Barclays?) is midway through an ATM replacement programme, and none of the staff who could open up the machine from inside were inside at the time. If She'd care to return during the week...

I've done something right... department

Junior approves of my reworked Diary archive CSS, which I adapted a little to stop it twitching too much. For best results, please clear your browser cache; mileage may vary, etc. But I tried it on Opera, Firefox and IE7 on Windows, and on Opera, Camino, Safari, and Firefox on OS X. I've been punishing my Linux system by not using it for a day... Actually I've noticed a few of my pages look sub-optimal in Firefox on Linux. I shall investigate. Mike P, meanwhile, has borrowed four of my Ubuntu books to help him get his head (and his server) around Logical Volume Management:

Striped mapping

Such a pleasant chore. Who'd be a server administrator?

If the pollen don't get you... department

Or "here's (another) one I made earlier:"

Pretty in Pink

Closer view (large file warning) available here. If I were a bee I'd get buzzing.

Coo, what a view... department

Today, we decided to take a picnic lunch and toddle out to Fordingbridge in the northern bit of the New Forest to inspect the Roman villa at nearby Rockbourne. Although it turned out to be almost spectacularly unphotogenic (though interesting) I did manage to expose a few pixels on the return journey. Taken just after noon:

New Forest

Closer view (large file warning) available here. Isn't Photoshop something? It's arrived at something that (almost) looks hand-tinted. Rather Edwardian. But — in my defence — it was very hazy.

Shared genes... department

Do we really have genes in common with a fern?


Closer view (large file warning) available here.

Day 177