2007 — Day 86 - we're off to see the wizard

Or, at least, Junior, to wish him well before his long-anticipated ski trip. Report doubtless to follow. Meanwhile, why not dip into the freshly-restyled archives? (A mild exaggeration, I admit, but also streamlined from my point of view.) I've even put "Next" and "Back" arrows on them...


Normally, one leaves Junior lighter (as it were) than when one arrived. But this time, somehow, I have both my Media Player (for a refill, of course) and a brand new unused PC he originally bought for use as our media server (a 32-bit AMD Athlon with 1GB and a couple of 200GB [or are they 250GB, he seemed unsure] drives; no fancy graphics, wireless network card) until I objected to its background noise level. He'd like me to load Ubuntu Desktop on it and get it running for him. He also is adamant he'd like Gnucash on it. Good job I don't have a job to go to, nicht wahr?

Lovely to see you, son!

28 January 2007