2007 — Day 79 - lazy Sunday afternoon

At least, it will be by the time I've finished watching Swan Lake in glorious HD. Yep; it was pretty damn good. Best was the wicked magician, of course! I can still remember my mid-1960s birthday treat outing to a performance at the Royal Festival Hall. Sadly, it pre-dated my acquisition of the glasses that would have helped me see what was going on, of course. And, as a youngster on make-the-morning-cuppa duty for the family on a Sunday up in Wilmslow,13 I often used to play the whole of one side of the early (1959) stereo RCA recording14 Dad had of the suite during the brewing process; this at least ensured that the tea was always well-stewed and often barely luke warm!

A few items to report from the lunchtime posting-letter-to-Mum and shopping expo-Titian:

Traffic's drummer has died

How come I missed this sad news? The low spark of high-heeled boys — amazing track from their 1971 album. RIP Jim Capaldi.

The percentage you're paying is too high priced
while you're living beyond all your means
and the man in the suit has just bought a new car
from the profit he's made on your dreams...

Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi

21 January 2007  


13  That posh suburb of Manchester; so high-class, indeed, that "sex" was what you carried your coal in.
14  The recording had a glitch and would skip on one of the tracks during a vigorous drum-rolling climax. Unaware at the time, I thought for some years that that was how all the performances were supposed to sound!