2007 — Day 78 - off to a grand start

When Mr Postie11 brings not only Segundo by Juana Molina but also the complete fifth season of Northern Exposure (and, Heavens to Murgatroyd, I see I managed to forget to log the delivery of Peep Show #3 too!) it's nearly possible not to fret about the invitation from the optician to renew one's stupidly expensive glasses. Not that I need them for reading, but that does lead me to my next thought.

Having browsed some of my website from Roger's living room on his wireless PDA yesterday, I have to say I could do more with my CSS to encourage the site to "play nice" in such a tiny screen area. (But then, I have to wonder what proportion of my reader12 uses a PDA?!)

'Twas a dark & stormy night

So we stayed in and very much enjoyed A cock and bull story, which is very witty in both senses of the word. Then, of course, a Boston Legal or two to complete a perfect evening...

Next predicted excitement

I'm guessing this will be the delivery of the assembled and tested server PC. They told me on Friday morning that it should be with me within 48 hours. I'd better start my researches into all that technical mumbo-jumbo that Junior is suggesting for it. Should help keep the neurons firing, I suppose. Or should I tidy the study instead?

20 January 2007  


11  I really should change my shopping habits. Chum Brian's just reported getting hold of East is East — a wonderful film, by the way — in a charity shop for 20 pence, dammit!
12  By the standards of the web I think I'm safe to talk of a singularity of readers here. (The only collective noun phrase I can think of that properly uses "singularity", by the way, would have to be "a singularity of Black Holes" — just thought I'd share that with you!) Mind you, I was delighted to hear of another regular reader just yesterday. Hello, young Dave H!