2007 — Day 75 - wet 'n' windy Wednesday

Back to the plumber, heh? Not quite, but the "white tornado" is hitting the house. Why the urge to clean before a professional cleaner enters the scene?

I would add something witty and insightful from today's paper, but She who must be adored is taking today off (in honour of Mr Plumber, naturally) and is hogging the broadsheet as I type. I had to content myself with Germaine Greer rattling on about the racism revealed by Celebrity Big Bro (not you, John!) in one of the tabloid sections.

Sunnier by degrees

Mr Postie has made up for yesterday's terrible dereliction:

But now I really must do something about exposing those pesky radiators. Or is it time for lunch? The Arts & Letters site has a nice link about the psychology of procrastination. Is there just time to read that, I wonder?

No further updates (17 January 2007) until the home domestic heating system has been flushed, or I am — whichever occurs sooner!

da Management

Back, and raring to go!

Merciful heavens! Even Big Bro reads my diary. All is prepared for the plumbing escapade, except for lugging the plasma screen away from its adjacent radiator. D-day is set for 08:30 tomorrow, plus or minus the local traffic conditions — more likely "plus" of course. And I will not perturb the plasma until I've watched tonight's P'Tang, Yang, Kipperbang which is going out on Film4 at 7:25. (I had no idea Michael Apted was now President of the Director's Guild of America, by the way.)

17 January 2007