2007 — Day 74 - a message from "da harassed management"

There's a spot of CSS-related housekeeping going on, particularly in the dustier depths of the quotes department, and particularly involving a way round my abject failure to modify the properties of the <blockquote> tag to bend it to my evil desires.

Plus (more than) a spot of Power Flush related preparation7 for Thursday's giant blow (or maybe suck?) job on our clogged-up radiators.

Considerably later

Can you believe it? Not a single thing from the Postie! Not even the "Ernie" that their website tells this poor but delighted pensioner that he has won this month. £50 is £50 even if inflation is once again roaring away.

Contrast that with the £19,000,000,000 that today's Guardian cheerfully assures me is being paid out to City financial workers8 in London this year in bonuses. (It's the subject of or, to be exact, the lifestyle of the lucky recipients is the subject of, tonight's documentary on ITV.) <Sigh> I can still remember when greed wasn't really such a prominent feature of UK society.

Can I quote you?

The feather duster is back in the box; the Dyson is cooling down; the spiffy new quotes department is once again open for business. The newest one, by the way, dates from next month (which is a pretty neat trick). Check under "S" for "Scandal"...

16 January 2007  


7  It's all very well Mr Plumber wanting access to both sides of each radiator to do his coupling thing. I'm not sure I've even unearthed every radiator at this preliminary stage of the archeological excavations.
8  Posit one million such workers. That's still 380x more than my Ernie per worker; on a par with the ratio in the US between boss salaries and worker wages.