2006 — Day 56 - severe weather? Hah!

Since Junior is not now going to be in the Isle of Skye I can more calmly contemplate the Met Office warnings — at least, until the lid blows off the house I suppose.

Nashville cats

Which of my chums, I wonder, has my copy of the Altman film Nashville? Were I a betting man, I'd say Brian. Oh, the joys of year-end database clean-up. (And now that I have both MySQL and PHP running locally, who's to say it isn't time for a wholesale re-jig of the technology with which I track all these meaningless possessions, let alone the means by which I generate web pages?) Mind you, this morning's little hi-tech adventure was first to persuade the local network box back into life. Ideally, before She who must be adored returned from her early morning constitutional and noticed the deficiency.

"Early" of course is a movable feast these days — bliss!

Later, by way of contrast

And, of course, by way of Fopp I found myself clutching a small set of DVDs:

Plus a set of four films released as a collection:

I've only seen four of these titles, so here's hoping.

29 December 2006