2006 — Day 25 - does superscripting work in a heading?

And should it? Again, alter(c)ations may result if it doesn't. Today's the day I do more than barely crack open one of the batch of CSS books.

Several hours later!

The first (admittedly minor) result comes courtesy of Dan Cederholm's book (Web Standards Solutions) and can be seen in the 26 pages of quotations, such as "Letter A". I think I will go ahead and tackle the background image, too. After all, I've been out for two bursts of fresh air and genteel exercise; I deserve a treat!

And that evening...

We caught up with Hitchcock's 1955 comedy film The trouble with Harry. Christa tells me one of the leads (John Forsythe) turned up, many years later, in Dynasty as Blake Carrington, if that means anything. As for the "sea captain" (Edmund Gwenn), he had played the elderly scientist in that wonderful "giant ant" Cold War parable Them! just the year before. But, best of all, it was Shirley MacLaine's first film. A gem. The 30-minute "making of" extra was well worth catching, too. I like DVDs!

5 December 2006