2006 — Day 30 - New Borders beckon(s)

Astonishing though it is, I have let two days elapse since the opening of Southampton's newest bookshop without going near the place. How can this be?2 By the way, there is a small clue to that secret I mentioned with its due date of 1st December...

New dog new tricks department

I must remember to tease Junior for adopting that JavaScript "snap" tool for use on his own web site. At last, I found something before he did!

He has responded by suggesting I use some of his CSS. If all Hell breaks loose hereabouts shortly, that will doubtless be the reason. Actually, it's time the CSS I use here got a bit of a spring-clean, to match the work done on the guttering earlier this afternoon by She who must be adored (and admired for her fearless approach to ladder work):

Christa had no trouble with heights

3 December 2006  


2  This is what we writer chappies call a "rhetorical" question.