2006 — Day 4 - buttons? The man wants buttons?!

The first thing I've noticed about this new, not-going-into-the-Lab first thing in the morning lark, is that I now have a choice of early morning radio just a tad wider than the minibus driver's weird preference for what can best be described as commercial crap with a heavy beat. So, welcome to Phill Jupitus and his BBC 6music breakfast show, alternated with whatever BBC Radio 3 shovels in my direction, with the safety net of 24-hour NPR from my satellite connection.

By popular request (you know who you are) I have now added a "next" and a "previous" button. Any further complaints, Len?

In other news...

I had to go and prove (a) who I was and (b) that I was still alive and kicking at (c) the same address so that the Alliance & Leicester would not mark my savings account "dormant". Those who know me, of course, will have no difficulty understanding how I could have a savings account that acquires a reputation for dormancy. In truth, the only reason it still has the £20 in it with which I opened it is because I promptly mislaid the PIN. Mind you, talk about the miracle of modern Capitalism: for £20 please read £23 or so. (I would be more exact but, alas, I have already lost the latest statement they sent me a week ago along with the warning of impending dormancy.)

I need a system. But then, I've always thought you should save your love letters (bonk statements?) and throw out your bank statements!

This just in

The indefatigable David Langford in Ansible 232 quotes Patrick Nielsen Hayden explaining the concept of "reading" for the Wired generation: "The book is the source code, the brain is the compiler, and the experience produced in the reader is the executable."

Maybe. But in that case, who the devil does the coding?

7 November 2006