Where there's a Will...

Everyone1 needs a hobby; something to stave off the boredom. I could have done without this particular one. I've known it was coming my way, of course, since my brother John and I agreed to be executors for my mother in 1977. By 2010 she was so frail I registered my Power of Attorney, sold her house, and moved her to the Winchester care-home. I've been handling her affairs since then.

This will be my last duty.

Step #1: Obtain a Grant of Probate / Pay any Inheritance Tax

Step #2: Collect the estate's assets

Step #3: Pay any debts

Step #4: Distribute the estate

Rest in Peace, Mother. We had our differences over many years, but you still gave me Life in the first place. I thank you for that.


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2  A Good Thing, lest I am run over by the proverbial bus before completing this application. Particularly as I have yet to update my own Will :-)