The living room system back in April 2001

Not a single piece of kit from that distant time is still in use,1 though a couple of items are still gathering dust up in the loft. How things have changed in a decade.


1  In fact, six of the items here failed — in the case of the 50" rear projection Pioneer TV, quite spectacularly! We got that in November 1992 as a family consolation prize for not buying a new house. The TV blew up in February 2002 and we replaced it by a 50" widescreen Pioneer plasma screen. Its resolution was 1280x768 which meant I could eventually watch the BBC's hi-def satellite channel on it, but it pre-dated both hdmi connectors and the abominable hdcp protocol. Amusingly, the bank that lent me the money to buy it (I was a pauper on an IBM salary, remember) described it, for some reason, as a car — I must confess I somehow failed to draw this to their attention.