2016 — 5 October: Wednesday

Noting the news that, from early in 2017, people wishing to use the BBC's iPlayer will need an account I signed up yesterday, and thus (belatedly) realised that I'm once again able to customise (and thereby massively simplify) their horribly-cluttered BBC web site by unselecting all the Sports, TV, Celebrity Cooking, and Dancing, erm, material and concentrating on Radio.

Meanwhile, my little radio player is beavering away on my behalf on a separate Virtual Workspace, flawlessly streaming a particularly fine piece of Frescobaldi as I type.



... a new web page for each shiny new ¬blog entry I simply do a "Save as..." on the file containing the previous day's entry, bump up the day number, and proceed from there. Since discovering the "Write BOM" checkbox1 a couple of days ago...

Write BOM

... I have had no further problems with my newly-created web pages being anything other than UTF-8. It's only taken me a year. Not to notice the checkbox, but to realise the positive benefit of the choice.

Today's mischief and adventures...

... include a blast of fresh air'n'exercise (more the former than the latter, these days, as befits my pensioner status) in and around Braishfield:

Braishfield loop

We shall be a tottering trio if all goes to plan.

120 Days of...

... Open Plan? I would not have associated the Marquis de Sade with the office novel. What an extraordinary essay. (Link.)

This is...

... the amusing conclusion to an entertaining essay describing an attempt to program a reliable bullsh1t detector:

Quantum Hitler scale

Educashun helps

Or so I like to kid myself.

Educated v less educated may be even more toxic than rich v poor, because it comes laden with assumptions of moral superiority. These days the rich find it quite hard to get away with the presumption that their wealth is proof of their virtue. When they seek protection from the system, it is pretty clear what they are up to: they are looking after their interests. But when the educated look out for themselves they can dress it up as something ostensibly better than that: expertise.

David Runciman in Grauniad

Not only...

... do I completely agree with this chap, but he was expressing himself in the 20th August issue of the "Spectator" — a pleasant surprise:

Brexit calm

I would have OCR-ed the text, but I've just remembered that the best-OCR-since-sliced-bread on Mint 17.3 totally fails to work on Mint 18. The writer is Hugo Rifkind, by the way. Of course, he may just be being satirical!

Tomorrow's fun...

... may yet see the kernel upgrade to my i5NUC without the need to switch it away from Mint 18. Fingers crossed. [Pause] In preparation, I've now unhooked the i5NUC and will take it over to Cthulhu's lair across the village for its surgery tomorrow afternoon. And I've re-assigned Skylark to the 34" Dell's HDMI input — the goal being to end up with the i5NUC connecting both to the Dell via DisplayPort, and to the Rotel (and hence the 60" Kuro Plasma screen) via HDMI.

What could possibly go wrong?


1  Tucked discreetly away at the foot of the "Save as..." dialogue in UltraEdit.