2016 — 26 September: Monday

Nothing really says "It's now Autumn!" quite like the morning rain1 on the skylight and (hopefully) watertight lid of my cave. But, don't knock it:

Liquid water is an extraordinary natural solvent that plays a central role in terrestrial biochemistry and in the geophysical behaviour of our planet. The precise distance of the Earth from the Sun, the present-day luminosity of the Sun, and the atmospheric composition of the Earth all play major roles in keeping us awash in oceans and precipitation.

Caleb Scharf: 2014

Positively anthropic, did he not go on to add that Earth-equivalence is a hugely multi-variable affair.

Sibling comparisons

I mentioned my impending State Pension2 to Big Bro — he was unimpressed.

[Pause for lunch]

Mostly by what he regards as the UK guvmint's ungenerosity. It's difficult to compare across borders, economies, currencies, inflation rates, and social infrastructures, but NZ$591 each per fortnight (net) is £100 more than the £230 per fortnight (gross) that will be trickling into my outstretched hands on this side of the planet.

I retain the services of an Independent Financial Advisor named Wilkins Micawber. He assures me that as long as I continue to spend 6d per year less than my 'income' I will continue to be OK.

One of the things...

... that keeps Linux so, erm, interesting is the way that things that work perfectly on [Day n] may well not work on [Day n+1] (or [Day n-1] for that matter). And, equally, things that work on PC #1 may or may not also work on PC #2 or PC #3 on any of Days n, n+1, or n-1, as the mood of the Universe fluctuates. Whether this is some deep manifestation of Bell's Inequality... or some perverse retro-causality at work... or just the different startup order as the PCs vie for network access...

Gödel probably has a theory.

Examples are nice

So, here's an interesting set. I made it a point in my books always to try to come up with the things. (Link.)

Tomorrow's excitement?

My central heating system gets its annual wash'n'brush-up. In time for winter :-)


1  Except, perhaps, the mellifluous BBC Radio 3 weather chap.
2  I can't be bothered to hack through the thicket of verbiage on the guvmint web site to calculate the exact amount since I will know soon enough. But I have a full National Insurance contribution record (38 years, in my case). There's even a hint of a suggestion that I may get a portion of Christa's State Pension as her surviving partner. That would please her. Indeed, it would please me too!