2016 — 12 August: Friday

Nearly six months too late1 I got an email from the people at QuietPC with some interesting new kit. I'm not alone in my quest for silent but deadly fast, it seems.

I shall resume, and hope to finish today, my physical stock check of DVDs and BDs. Three Lost Sheep out of 2,300 so far isn't the end of the world.

Today's treats?

May include re-reading the transcript of Trump's latest evidence of his detachment from reality — USA Today's term, not mine. Political discourse in 2016 is plumbing new depths of idiocy, but can still have some amusement wrung from it.

Meanwhile, there's tea to be drunk, three lumps of "Late Junction" to snaffle before the Get iPlayer functionality disappears, the possibility of tea'n'biccies with Roger'n'Eileen and the possibility of an adventure or two in the Great Outdoors of Soton.

(Confound the blighter. Where is he?)
"Jeeves! Fetch me CaseLogic folder 'J', please."



Reading the sort of entertaining guff in this book review makes me pleased not to be a philosopher. Given that Smith's book apparently ends with Moretti's data-crunching and its supposedly "fine-grained portrait of Victorian syntax" (gawd help us), I'm inclined to move along thinking "Not much to see here". But then a chap can't see his own blinkers, can he?

There's a more interesting set of opinions in this Chronicle essay. Or is it too early to contend with philosophical responses to the great crisis of human existence: the problem of death? This morning's anti-agathic precaution will include yesterday's little pack of pomegranate seeds. (And I leave as an exercise for the reader the identification of the SF novel in which I learned "anti-agathic"... many years ago.)

(Confound the blighter. Where is he?)
"Jeeves! Fetch me CaseLogic folder 'K', please."

Rinse and repeat! 'L'

Given Cinnamon's propensity...

... to crash, it was suggested I research the graphics driver "situation" on my i5 NUC. Now I'm left worrying whether I should be worrying:

Intel firmware on the NUC

"Jeeves! Tea, please."

This trio...

... of CDs turned up yesterday, in the wake of their Auto-Ripped alter-egos:

Floydian audio

I enjoyed them all.

For my (microcode) reference...

... there's a whole new world of potential pitfalling! There's a 14th July update on the Debian FTP repository. That one's about seven months fresher than the version in the Mint 18 Synaptic repository, but I think I'll stick with what I have for now.

Much later

(Confound the blighter. Where is he?)
"Jeeves! Crack open the Bolly! I'm on CaseLogic 'S'. Just 77 disks to go..."

Well done, sir. I shall alert the media.

Final score: five Lost Sheep from 4,829 physical disks. I can live with that.


1  From my point of view.