2016 — 29 July: Friday

Today's treat? Possibly a lunch, possibly a walk. All driven by the way the weather turns out, after a dull and somewhat drizzly start.

From the frequency...

... with which the Beeb chooses a Brandenburg1 one could almost conclude they had a job lot of the things.

An interesting 'take'...

... on the topic of anger. Not a pleasant emotion, but (seemingly) an omnipresent one. How very like our Great Ape cousins we are under the generally non-furry skin! (Link.)

I am unlikely...

... ever to attract the attention of the folk who maintain this data!

The VERY Rich

I don't need...

... convincing. Do you?

The walk along the Itchen was nicely bisected by lunch at the Bridge. But it was a bit humid.

Stage II...

... of Kodification nears completion. It's turned out to be really quite simple to handle all the TV Show box sets and let the software do all the heavy lifting of looking up the XML stubs and turning them into individual episode entries. The sticking point was always going to be the essentially random collection I have of material recorded off-air and later cut to DVD — a process that kicked off in 2004 (when I first bought myself a Philips DVD recorder).

If I ever thought I could kid myself I had been systematic about this, the process of normalising data to the point where it can cleanly enter and exit a DB has been a sad awakening.

Not that...

... I'm much better-organised on the audio side of things. Having been listening to, and very much enjoying, a 1973 album by Kraan called "Wintrup" (for the very first time) I've just treated myself to three more CDs by the same group; the Amazon elves are happy to auto-rip them all for me — in one case, the CD plus its free auto-ripping actually costs less than buying just the MP3 album, which strikes me as crazy.

But crazier still is that I have no idea who passed "Wintrup" along to me, nor how long it has been languishing unplayed in my little collection.

Films? 2,920
TV Shows? 299
Odds and Ends? Don't ask!



1  For its "Bach before seven" slot.