2016 — 22 July: Friday

Aah, the bliss of slightly cooler weather.1 Not to mention an email from Mazda's Toolbox utility — left running overnight on Dr Frankenstein's Cthulhu Windows system, though with that logged in as me — confirming my SatNav's SD map data is now good to go throughout most of the EU, even if I'm not. (I haven't yet bothered to renew my passport.)

I may just...

... venture out, however, to assess that Canon EOS 80D body somewhere. It's unpleasantly expensive, but chaps need their hobbies. Meanwhile, I note with pleasure that "Yes, Minister" stands up well to repeat viewing, though the sound and picture quality of 1980 BBC analogue TV leaves a lot to be desired by today's standards. I only got (and failed to mention the arrival of) the Series #3 DVD late in July 2007 — alas, I was otherwise occupied.

A nice rant...

... that rang particularly true with me as it could well have come from my former life! I won't mention the typo, as it might be a bit "dog in the manger" of me:

tech docs

I hadn't realised Stack Overflow was one of Joel Spolsky's projects.

Just because you're paranoid...

... doesn't mean they're not out to get you (as the hippie button said). "Airplane mode" be damned. (Link.)

Sherlock Mounce...

... has, I believe, cracked the Case of the Occasional Core Dump. A cloud of suspicion has descended over UltraEdit, which got in a bit of a state yesterday while I had about eight files open, and was copying via a clipboard (note, I don't say "the" clipboard, or exactly "which" clipboard) about a megabyte lump of selected stuff from 'A' to 'B'. Mind you, I only just noticed the file this afternoon as I so rarely have reason to peek directly at what's mounted in /home rather than powering on through to a more interesting, erm, subfolder (or whatever the Linux term is).

Actually, part of today's reading "haul" may even clarify the terminology for me, though that's not why I picked it up:

book and Linux special magazine

I also downloaded this little burst of drumming yesterday evening:

Sandy Nelson MP3s

It boosts my Sandy Nelson music tracks from two to 47 which is, I suspect, enough to be going on with. (I already had the title track, and "Let there be drums".)

"Research" suggests...

... the Canon EOS 80D may not justify its current price premium over the 70D. That, in turn, may or may not be sufficient of an upgrade from his present 60D to tempt Big Bro, though any of those three models would be a significant upgrade for my modest purposes. Meanwhile, though I've made a start on the Linux guide, I've been more than somewhat taken by Ms Webb's novel ("Claire North" is a pseudonym for Catherine Webb.) 150 pages in and I'm still baffled how it will proceed. That alone is almost worth the price of admission these days, as it were.

Of the 199,478 "documents" the Recoll desktop search tool has found to index, a mere 26,676 are HTML web pages. Who gnu? And that's just my /home (I believe).



1  My bliss is easily triggered, these days :-)