2016 — 29 April: Friday

I rather spoiled yesterday's lunchtime by foolishly listening to the BBC Radio 4 "news" and thus treating myself to the bizarre sh1tstorm around a former mayor of London who (being a 'true' socialist) is quite clearly loathed by some fellow members of his Labour1 party. I don't intend to repeat my mistake any time soon.

Blissfully ignorant, that's me.

Yesterday evening...

... I watched the film — "Blind" — that had been on "my little list" for quite a while:

DVD and two books

I found it on the World Cinema shelves in HMV for £6. I've yet to tackle either Angela Carter's poetry (which I was basically unaware of) or my new Matthew ("Gearhead") Crawford — clearly I was too distracted. Though I won't allow myself to be distracted by the OTT 'opinion' from the Sunday Times review. I was pleased to see that Waterstone's has done an excellent job refurbishing and extending their basement space in West Quay. However, I doubt they'll keep their other store2 open.

I also found...

... this in Asda a couple of days ago, and the nice lady knocked a quid off it, too:

Jennifer Lawrence DVD

"Deep Joy"! David O Russell is a pretty reliable film maker.

There are surprisingly many...

... spokes on this wheel!

Whitehouse meetings

Though it makes quite a pretty picture :-)

The pleasantly-bright...

... early afternoon sunshine looks as if it's on the brink of turning into heavy rain. Since I've been catching up on a couple of very interesting "Late Junction" episodes majoring on the 'sound' of cinema, including an extended interview with Mike Figgis, I'm not too bothered. Though I'm hoping I have enough food to see me through the Bank Holiday weekend. (An event that only became evident when I turned over my kitchen worktop calendar to see about setting a lunchdate next week.)

Plans? Me? Get outa here.

That "graphic novel" approach...

... to Bohr's life and work has made me laugh out loud several times already. Not least for extracts from the Journal of Jocular Physics quoting "The atom that Bohr built"... I first became aware of that journal in Robert L Weber's "A random walk in science" — having treated myself to some books on my birthday in 1987:

Books from 14 October 1987

Christa and I whizzed up to London for the day while Peter was in school. (If you're a parent, you'll understand the impulse!)

If my occasional...

... binge-watching is endorsed as classily as it is here by Clive James, I feel no guilt :-)



1  Labour had, of course, to discard its annoying left-wing "elements" to render itself even temporarily electable a couple of decades ago.
2  Having always judged the quality of a town or city by its bookshops it saddens me to recall that Soton once had five or six excellent ones. Not any more.