2015 — 1 November: Sunday — Rabbits!

It seems only "right and proper"1 for any sunshine to have been obliterated by a thick late autumn mist. No wonder it's quiet out there. Tea. I need tea. Now. Before even considering any other psychotropic input.


... a cheery thought, though opinions about its accuracy are "hard or impossible to check":

98% of psychotropic drugs could be stopped without causing harm

Sell your shares in Big Pharma? (Link.)

I've found...

... not a single further flight-related equation in the biography of John Boyd. Indeed, given its rapid progress from understandable flight performance envelopes to far shadier Machiavellian matters I'm now left wondering whether or not I can safely recommend it to Big Bro. It would probably only annoy him. A lot. "When ignorance is bliss" and all that.

Bio of John Boyd

All the astonishingly-slimy manoeuvring, weaving, dodging, and dog-fighting portrayed (as a continuous process) within the Pentagon and Washingon as part of the dangerously stark divide between those (the many) who "want to be someone" (by being promoted, attaining "power", whatever...) and those (the pitifully few) who "want to do something" (by improving something, leaving a legacy, attaining "respect", whatever...) is both fascinating and very depressing at the same time.

It matches some of the behaviour that I could see (or deduce) was going on in the upper reaches2 of IBM. It amused me, on joining IBM in 1981, to discover there were eleven layers of management between me and the chap at the top. More than to the All-Highest of Eddore!

Speaking of "All-Highest"...

... ought one to worry that only four MPs bothered to sign an entirely laudable "Early Day Motion" such as this?

Early Day Motion #608

But, then, has anyone ever heard of a Prime Minister acting in his (or her) own interests? Crikey! Recall Lord Acton's dictum, here slightly amplified by Ben Moreell:

Lord Acton

Dilbert's friend Wally once asked: "What would be the point of having power if you didn't abuse it?"

Back in 2007...

... on this day (nearly to the minute) I'd just got back from the first of my two drives out in the Yaris to see Christa. It was her first day in the hospice. A calm and peaceful place, but not the happiest of my memories, to be honest. <Sigh>



1  Given today's date.
2  I was never in any danger of reaching even the foothills, trust me.