2015 — 17 March: Tuesday

I think I'm contending with quite a busy day1 today. Mind you, it's still (marginally) preferable to boredom. Generally.


... there's been nary a twinge from yesterday's newest addition to the mouth. Given how close to the root Fred was, erm, rooting around, that's definitely the way I prefer my fillings :-)

The hollow sounds from Mother Hubbard's insatiable cupboard are once again muted for a few days. (Reminds me: one item in dear Mama's care-home room was a whole array of half-consumed packets of the Thornton's chocs I would buy for her. I had no wish to salvage them.) Ever onward. Tea next, methinks. Then I need to direct a blast of 2.4GHz radiation at a plum or two...

I was once again browsing the informative Raspberry Pi book / magazine I bought a couple of weeks back. Having just realised the Pi's network speed is "only" 100 Mbps I pulled out the plug, relocated it up in Peter's room, and plugged everything back in to the 'Technicolor' router up there. That means I no longer "waste" a high-speed port on the Pi when it's unable to make full use of it. Plus, it frees up one port on the 8-port Gigabit switch down here. I suspect that will come in handy. By the time I got downstairs the Pi was busily serving my internal 'molehole' just as happily from upstairs. Cool.

Time to set off to see a Man about a Funeral. TTFN.

Rather later

I've learned quite a lot in the last seven hours or so. But first, a chap — having entirely skipped lunch — now needs his evening crust of stale bread and rind of hard cheese, so into the kitchen I go. Where's that mousetrap?

Contrast, if you will...

... today's little challenges. On the one hand, we have the difficulties of arranging for the disposal (tidily, speedily, and affordably) of a dead body (which, somewhat surprisingly, turned out to be a piece of the proverbial). Then, on the other hand we have the differing complexity of my two rival graphics cards. Annoyingly, each card is not only fully capable (potentially) of driving a 4K screen, but each has actually been known and seen to do so Right Here in River City (admittedly, in BlackBeast Mk II, for the most part):

comparison pixel data rate

Neither card (for an amazing array of different, but often mutually interlocked, reasons [not all of which are entirely yet within my grasp]) seems currently to be able to play nicely with the remainder of my Linux Mint 17.1 system. We ended up trashing, re-installing, and re-patching a complete, sacrificial experimental Mint installation2 either three or four times before giving up for the day. In the case of the GTX970 it's entirely possible I'm simply too far ahead of the h/w curve for the moment. And the earlier Radeon "Ultimate Fanless", despite managing to provoke the installation of a new set of proprietary and open source drivers, somehow failed to stop itself from crashing the Cinnamon desktop despite increasingly baroque boot tinkering.

As Brian puts it: "We lost the early skirmishes today. But I shall return (shades of MacArthur) and this time better prepared." I look forward to my future liberation.

I've just found...

... (and added here) another nice quote from Lewis Fry Richardson, this time unrelated to viscosity.



1  Food shopping, arrange funeral details, arrange death registration appointment, fix new graphics card and 4K screen once and for all, stew more plums. Just the usual quotidian nonsense!
2  It was one we housed, temporarily, on a spare 320GB disk of spinning rust that used to be my Win 7 system several incarnations ago.