2015 — 2 March: Monday

Judging by the "news"1 (Tory house-building plans, warnings from the top US army general that the scale of UK army spending cuts [a Good Thing, surely?] could in future force "UK" troops to end up fighting "inside" American battalions in any further2 joint deployments) I conclude we are, indeed, in the run-up to our next frenzied pretence of an execution of the UK's democratic process. So where's my polling card, heh?


... there's a morning stroll that should, with luck, offer me some SQL and Python consultancy — or, at least, sensible3 advice and guidance — before the heavens open and soak us all. I was mightily taken by the rapidity and potential usefulness of the two pre-cooked DB queries demonstrated yesterday on my "Books" data. Having never liked the way-too-fussy proprietary "FileMaker Pro" I bought for the iMac in 2007, I've not 'enjoyed' access to a real DB since leaving behind the proprietary "Alpha 5" that was locked, by password and machine ID, to my first Shuttle PC running XP well over a decade ago. Big, bad mistake. Although it helped convince me to revert to a simple flat file ASCII data approach until I sorted my ideas out.

It's just taken a little while. No rush :-)

What else? Well, there's a "pie night" at the Wheatsheaf in Braishfield, obviating the need for any evening meal planning hereabouts. But that's all countered by tomorrow's pre-lunch date with Dr Fang. I detest weeks in which there's a dental meeting.

Can you identify...

... the owner of this opinion before you click the link?

Catholic doctrine, however personally limiting, trains the mind with its luminous categories and rigorous discipline. Medieval theology is far more complex and challenging than anything offered by the pretentious post-structuralist hucksters.

?? in America

She's changed her hair-cut! :-)

A lovely burst of Hildegard of Bingen. (Link.) Christa took me to Bingen in September 1974 on my "meet the about-to-be in-laws" visit — it's one of the tourist attractions about 50 km from Meisenheim in the Rhineland-Palatinate.


Acting on...

... information received, I'm going to try this chap (Donald Harington). I can still afford 99p on a Kindle deal. Just.

It doesn't hurt...

... to re-visit this excellent essay on A.I. six years later. It remains perfectly valid, after all. (Though whether yesterday's perfesser of media studies, with his fatuous idea of replacing the term "algorithm" by "god" [to see if the meaning changed] would agree is dubious.)

I've just reminded myself of the excellent gThumb image viewer, pre-installed on Mint 17.1 and much smoother than I recall from six years ago. I seem to be (re)discovering nice things about Linux every day. A Good Thing. [Pause] But why does "gThumb" have the same program icon as "Eye of Mate"? Makes them a bit hard to tell apart when pinned to my auto-hiding left hand panel...

A very clear...

... night sky, with a bright moon and many stars. It's cold, too. Just back from the "pie night".

As I rather suspected...

... would be the case, my new Thunderbird email client has already snaffled 1.3 GB of space unto itself. (Maybe I should dump some of my older emails?) Another 1.6 GB is for my gallery of DVD and Blu-ray cover artwork scans. Fair enough, I guess. And out of sight over in /var/www (which is where the lighttpd web server likes to go looking for it) my internal copy of the 'molehole' web site soaks up 1.4 GB.

Disk Usage analysis

The music and video files all live out on the NAS, where my Oppo Blu-ray player can stream them from — though if that's where Disk Usage Analyser is getting the 17.9 TB figure it seems to be reporting, someone somewhere is telling it a few porkies. I have one 3 TB RAID1 pair and one 4 TB RAID1 pair. On a good day.



1  As served up on BBC Radio 3 by someone who's clearly been reading the Daily Torygraph.
2  Unfunny how military bosses only ever see perpetual conflict in their future. It's almost as if we learn nothing from history and all those "wars to end wars".
3  Is there any merit, for example, in a Grand Unified File theory? "One file to rule them all, and in the data bind them" (as it were).