2015 — 8 February: Sunday

While re-reading a new favourite1 yesterday evening — man cannot live by spinning video discs alone — it occurred to me (for by no means the first time) that the current emptiness of my supply2 pipeline is probably just as well. The only thing I got from Mr Postie yesterday was my JLP card bill. This is the card I use in Waitrose for 99% of my food shopping (although knowing that would have appalled Christa, my 'take' is that it makes monthly budgetting of what she called "household" items a doddle). The bill's a lot heftier than normal because I also whacked the house contents and buildings insurance renewal on it.

For the extra points, of course :-)

Sleep has...

... clearly fled. But it's far too early for breakfast; I wonder what my subconscious is up to? Meanwhile, Big Bro sent over some photos showing how he's been putting our newly-rediscovered half aunt to work (in his own words) "down on the farm"...

Feeding the boys

Doesn't look particularly wintry down there, does it? But it seems an awfully long way to go just to end up feeding some of his doomed, over-sized, household pets. Not sure I could do that.

I see a web visitor...

... has been using the Epiphany web browser. I'm betting that was Brian, using his just-delivered Raspberry Pi2 already. He reported it loaded 'molehole' pages faster than BBC ones. I see (here) there's a RISC-OS port on the Pi2 already. And I found a video clearly showing the difference in speed and responsiveness between Pi and Pi2 here.

Clearly, using my Pi2 "just" to serve my static web pages is going to be overkill but that's the way I like it. [Pause] I like my tea hot, too, dagnabbit.

I lead a...

... sheltered life. I was blissfully unaware that a "vaccine refuser" could get a licence to practice as a "cardiologist" in Arizona. His child may indeed be "pure" (as he asserts) but does measles know that? (Link.) Mind you, there's a splendid chap blaming the measles outbreak on immigrants. (Link.) The only Good Thing about measles in the pre-vaccine 1950s that I can recall was Dad unfailingly bringing home a new comic for me to read every evening. That was more fun than school, certainly.

Which shocks me more?

The fact that IBM's boss isn't among the most beloved CEOs in America? Or the fact that IBM isn't among the happiest companies in America? Tricky. Very tricky. Going to need another cuppa...

Rather than burden...

... a lightweight ¬blog page, I've put some server thoughts here.


I had no idea it had been Mogwai doing the music to "The Fountain". It's about time I watched that again. I was a very different chap back in July 2008.


... this took its own good time to unload its information payload, this TED talk was fascinating.

It's not every day I find CDs by William Russo and Norma Winstone. That I don't have. And hadn't even heard of. Caloo, calay, oh frabjous day!



1  Using the Kindle App on my SHIELD PC — a great deal more portable than the new monitor, as Christopher was kind enough to point out yesterday.
2  More precisely, the current relative emptiness — there's already a small set of cinema-related books on the way. And a couple of classical music CDs. And another book. All due to arrive tomorrow, in fact.