2014 — 23 December: Tuesday

Distance lends enchantment to the (pre-Xmas) view.1

Good Thing I have better things to do... like remember (JIT) 20 minutes before the lorry turned up that this week's green bin is being emptied a day earlier than 'usual'. Not that mine is ever more than one third full except in times of technology packing carton discarding. (And that can occur up to three decades after the initial delivery. You should see my loft.)

There is, for...

... those simple souls (like me) who enjoy such things, a delicious typo in this paragraph snipped from an interesting Aeon essay:


Now, how about a spot of breakfast?

Followed by an incisive analysis of risky medicine — or over-treating the many to help the few. Another excellent essay. (Link.)


Wait long enough, and that book of sex & drugs & ¬rock'n'roll you heard about on NPR and bought in July 2005...

Mozart in the Jungle

... metamorphoses (I assume — actually Blair Tindall is given none of the credit for any of the writing of the video version) into a 10-episode pot- (or do I mean [kettle]-drum?) boiling saga of streaming video on Amazon Prime's instant video. It's described as a comedy — having read the book, I find I can't agree. It's certainly funny in parts but there are all too many nasty potholes in the road.

Robert Altman...

... was one of those film directors who could do very little wrong and several of his films have to find a place in my Top Ten (along with several hundred others, of course). The enjoyment I've just derived from rewatching (again) this well-nigh perfect gem...

Cookie's Fortune

... merely confirms me in my opinion. Oddly, though IMDB correctly notes music by 50% of the Eurythmics, no details are currently given under David A Stewart's entry.



1  In this case, of a relatively minor pseudo-argument on an email chain (mostly) in the Antipodes. (Though there's at least one Uncle involved.)