2014 — 19 December: Friday

I am running the plague flag1 up the Technology Towers flagpole for the next several days. It's more or less an Xmas tradition. Besides, these things happen in even the best-run households, so what chance do I have? I've officially postponed today's little lunch adventure. Still, it's a good excuse to brush up on my hot-toddie-making skills.

The one I concocted last night knocked me out until around 08:30 :-)

The Beethoven...

... just played — Variations in D on an original theme (Turkish March, from "The Ruins of Athens") Opus 76 — scoops me up and carries me back to a Reader's Digest bargain boxed set of vinyl albums that dear ol' Dad bought at some point in the very early 1960s while we lived "up North" on the edge of the Cheshire Plain. I wonder when dear Mama chucked those out?

I've managed...

... to remain (almost) completely unaware of Pico Iyer until reading this elegant, but disquieting, essay. Your mileage may vary. (Link.)

If you can't trust Google Mail to send a reply to a chap when it claims to have sent a reply to a chap, and the chap says he didn't see it, what can you do, I wonder? (Zeno, that means you!)

I'm keeping...

... half an ear on NPR and half an eye on web coverage of the Obama press conference. What precisely, I wonder, will the US choose to do about the FBI's conclusion that North Korea is behind the Sony Pictures cyber-attack? That is, beyond "identifying, pursuing, and imposing costs and consequences" on the Black Hats?


Lower energy...

... levels at the moment do make it quite easy just to take things, erm, easy. Peter's just emailed to warn me that he and his g/f both also have colds. Thank you so much, &deity2-of-choice. Still, the bugs seem to be on the retreat. I shall continue to batter them with my devastating combination therapy of tea and pottering around. It comes very naturally to me :-)



1  The one that signals a rhinovirus or two (or several billion) hereabouts. Intelligent Design? Pah!
2  Recall Yossarian: "how can you believe in the infinite goodness of a Supreme Being who found it necessary to invent phlegm?"