2014 — 11 December: Thursday

Today's scheduled adventure? A trip (at sub-light speed) out to watch (for a mere £12 or so) "Interstellar" on the biggest local screen we can manage, which is the IMAX in the ex-BT warehouse down in Soton. This will be preceded by lunch somewhere, and in all probability followed by a lively dissection. I would say "watch this space" but for some reason people tend to tick me off about my puns.

Meanwhile, having been...

... battered and badgered by endless email exhortations1 to buy stuff I neither need nor want, I've just seen the first one warning me of it being too late, after today, to use one of my preferred US DVD shops. I expect I shall survive. And, having watched for (but seen no signs of) agitated forum chatter or trouble, I've now installed (and seem to have survived) the latest2 in the endless round of monthly Microsoft 'updates' (not forgetting the non-MS one applicable to the Flash gorp from Adobe).

Safe hex, heh? It works up an appetite for breakfast.

Just got as far...

... as "Tootsie" in my mammoth / tedious video stock-checking exercise. I'd never noticed this tiny toe-curling audio disclaimer before:

Disgraceful audio

It brings to mind some of those dreadful early "pseudo-stereo" music mixes where the higher frequencies were shot at you from one side and the lower ones from the other. I'm guessing none of Tootsie's 10 "Oscar" nominations was for "sound" (though I could be wrong).

Am I allowed...

... to declare myself officially cinematically SF-blockbustered-out for what remains of 2014? My first impression at the end of a buttock-numbing 170 minutes (preceded by altogether too many IMAX-sized adverts and trailers) was "What a mish-mash". Enjoyable, for the most part. Visually spectacular, where it needed to be. Plausible? Not so much. But certainly one for the Blu-ray set in due course. And much better than the appalling disappointment that was "Gravity".



1  Every last one manfully resisted.
2  The download "payload" clocked in at around ten times more than the entire capacity of the 20MB hard drives of both my 1985 Amstrad CP/M PC and the 1989 Acorn A440 RISC box in its original state. Code seemed to be a lot slimmer back in those innocent times. (And one updated RISC OS by fitting a new set of ROMs.)