2014 — 3 October: Friday

My cup runneth over (a bit) this morning1 with an update to my fantastically useful Copernic desktop search tool. Of course, if I didn't have so much digital stuff I would have less need of such a thing, but it's a bit early for a philosophical debate... and looking and feeling extremely autumnalistical out there (from what I can see of the cool mist). I have a lunchtime expotition today, by when I hope the visibility will be better.

I embarked briefly...

... on a dispiriting exploration of The IT Crowd (the best bit being the opening menu sequence) before giving up, and moving swiftly on to Another Earth with rather greater enjoyment. This after discovering that (somehow) nine entire seasons of "The Simpsons" have failed to make it as far as my DVD Profiler's database despite some of them having being knocking around (somewhere) for a decade or more.

Quite why I spotted that when I'm still in the middle of (titles beginning with) the letter "C" is an issue probably better left unexplored. Better to explore the next, very welcome, tranche of memoir from Jenny Diski, an item from Clive James...

There is a crucial stage in big alterations of opinion on a world scale where the facts 
are there but people don't yet want them, and sometimes you just have to wait.

... and then perhaps think about a spot of breakfast.

Oh, for...

... heaven's sake...


Nurse! Fetch the pills!

What do you mean...

... by asking "Where have I been?" I was up all night spinning this for you!

Webbed world

Patiently awaiting...

... my return mid-afternoon were two films I remember enjoying with Christa in the Harbour Lights cinema a decade or so ago:

Limbo and Lundi matin DVDs

It's entirely possible one of them gave me the idea of retiring early from IBM :-)

Ever noticed how a large lunch does away with a lot of the need for an evening meal? I'm listening to some gorgeous live flamenco guitar music and contemplating a cuppa and, perhaps, a crumb or two of stale bread and a bit of cheese rind (or similar).



1  With a new release (or build, at least — I didn't look that closely in these pre-cuppa early minutes).