2014 — 15 June: Sunday

Since I re-registered1 with the New York Times recently (to read one particular story, dagnabbit) they have now become one of my more persistent email correspondents. It remains a strictly one-way, no money changing hands, unrequited affair. Nor can I even remember the story.

There's a walk...

... lined up, in defiance of the "Very High" pollen, for a bit later on this morning. A route we've left untrodden for three years, I'm told, up in Ashmansworth.

That lovely Mr Bliar chap...

... apparently has a "Faith Foundation" website on which he has allegedly published a "passionate" essay. The phrases "barge-pole", "10-foot" and "I wouldn't touch it with a" all spring to my bizarrely-prejudiced mind for some 'bizarre' reason.

Iraq crisis

Though I would be prepared to argue that he should use the word "we" less as he rewrites and second-guesses his way into the dustbin of history.

70 miles later

The pollen was a lot more tolerable than the horse-fly, dagnabbit. At one point we actually walked right past the "Jack Russell Inn" that had been a navigational feature of my recent lunch out with Gill and Chris. (And that had been closed until 17:00 rendering it of no use for lunch purposes on our weekday visit.)

I'm a bit of a sucker...

... for anything written by Aaron Sorkin, hence another of yesterday's deliveries:

Newsroom Season 1 BD

As with "House of Cards", I'd watched it last year and have just splashed out on the Blu-ray set.

Big Bro...

... sent me an interesting item on unsold cars the world around adding his comment: "If you ever needed further proof (beyond the business as usual bonus regimes for the top few and Bankers) that the economic model is well and truly broken, then here it is". I hafta say, I love the idea that there are an estimated 10,000,000,000 roadworthy cars, which would be some 3,000,000,000 more cars than people to drive the damn' things.



1  Big mistake.