2014 — 9 June: Monday

What does it say about a chap1 when the inter-music chit-chat on BBC Radio 3 strikes him as cloying and annoying? Noisy perishers. Tea. I need more tea. Then I shall take a peek at the feather warcast and plan my day accordingly. Highlights to include arranging dear Mama's next care-home payment and snaffling some of the music I missed yesterday on 6Music.

If I were...

... a "super-computer" stuck on this benighted backwoods planet, I'd keep damn' quiet about it!

Turing test

But you have to admire the naivety of the general level of comment about this ever-failing (for the moment) technology.

This is the longest...

... I've let time elapse without popping down to the seaside, so I'm just back from my first visit to Bournemouth this year. Good day for it, too. Lunch was at the 'world-famous' Harry Ramsden's though I did not have his famous fish'n'chips. The disappearance of the ghastly sea-front eyesore that was the IMAX cinema is a great improvement. As was the statuesque blonde lady browsing in the basement of the book shop.

I bought...

... watched, and very much enjoyed, Julio Medem's film "Room in Rome" a while back. Today, Mr Postie dropped off the earlier (2005) film by Matías Bize it had apparently been based on:

en la cama DVD

Here's hoping, though I shall almost certainly finish watching Season #2 of "The Newsroom" first. [Pause] Finished it!



1  Rhetorical question.