2014 — 7 June: Saturday

So here I am1 supping the dregs of my initial cuppa, sitting in the very rapidly-increasing gloom, listening to Brian Matthew and all his 43-year-plus old music choices about "love eternal", while ignoring the news that the CIA has joined Twitter, in favour of the earth-shaking revelation — I missed it by several months — that (for online dating sites):

Wired on grammar

Regardless, by the way, of whether or not that pesky word was "correctly" deployed. Note it was filed, inter alia, under 'Prescriptivist poppycock'. Those whom the gods would destroy, and all that...

Perhaps "Wired" could take a look at users of "whilst" next?

Back in 1976...

... I bought (and still have, somewhere) an illustrated "Tarzan" tale from the Burne Hogarth era. (I recall my friend Penny from ICL telling me she'd found it rather erotic, which tickled me.) Plans are afoot for a complete set. I think I'll pass.

My next batch...

... of sliced and diced veggies plus a bit of meat is ambling towards culinary perfection by the end of this afternoon, I hope.

Broadsword calling Danny boy

I know a couple of chaps who listen to quite a lot of spoken material. They should perhaps give this a browse. I note that "This American Life" has moved to them. (It's one of NPR's gems.)

Ring, ring

It amuses me to speculate just how big an idiot people2 think I am. I have no idea what these unwanted callers are selling or proposing. I ride roughshod over their inane babble, deny any knowledge of what they invariably tell me "you may remember", or of whatever it is they assert I have "expressed an interest in". And hang up.

Bite me :-)

I have Len to thank for the idea of adding some green vegs to my basic root-veg mix, on the grounds that they are even 'healthier'. I went with peas. Mint, too. Very tasty.


Did you know Benny Goodman's musicians were paid $1 per song and managed to record 51 songs during a single all-day recording session in 1934? In today's money that was almost $700 each for one day's hard blowing. Not too shabby. [Pause] It was in June of that year; I've just downloaded the collection "50 tracks in one day with one hour for lunch, of course!" that came out in 2012 on Jasmine records. Thank you, Hot Jazz Saturday Nights :-)

I've just finished...

... watching that Dutch Blu-ray with English audio that I ordered from a Japanese company of an Australian/French film that arrived via Jamaica back in March:


The original title is "Adore". And Princess Buttercup is one of the players. What's not to like? Turned out there was absolutely nothing not to like, even at the £21-99 I had to cough up for it. A stunningly good piece of film-making. And, with that, he headed off up the stairs to Bedfordshire. Walkies tomorrow, with luck.



1  Having been woken up by a single rumble of thunder.
2  "People" in this case being the fine upstanding citizens concocting some of the outrageous scripted lies I've been fed in an irritating series of cold-calls from (I assume, by the accents) tele-marketeers on the Indian subcontinent.