2014 — 1 June: Sunday — rabbits!

If I read the runes correctly Microsoft's Win8.1Pro programming team doesn't trust me.1 They went to all that trouble, yesterday, to download and install a graphics card update which was not as up-to-date as the one I can get direct from AMD and to all that further trouble (without bothering to tell me) to cripple my ability to get such direct updates quite so easily in the future. They updated their own "Update History" to show that this optional update was on BlackBeast. And now, this morning (admittedly after I'd undone their update and re-applied the newer one from AMD) they want to do the whole thing again.

Yet they still can't tell me anything about their version of the driver.

I'm not that trusting.2

Romulans rule?

Is it just me, or is this all getting a bit silly? (Link 1, Link 2, and Link 3.)

Other runes...

... suggest we've made a good choice of day for a walk. It was a mite misty earlier but now (08:10) the sun is shining away like a good 'un. [Pause, for breakfast and some web-based ruminations.] Right, lunch snack is packed and the sun shines on. Time I wasn't here. TTFN.

If there exists...

... a nastier, more spitefully-armed, faster-growing, and thoroughly unwelcome rampant manifestation / infestation of Mother Nature than the Mk I Standard Issue garden bramble, I surely hope never to meet it. I've delayed my post-ramble shower while meting out much-needed death and mass destruction on a scale greatly increased by my first having borrowed Mike's secateurs. (I've long ago given up looking for the ones Christa used.) It's a warm, humid, jungle out there. And that's only the back garden. Blasted flora.

I note the gooseberries have migrated a couple of meters south, and the strawberries (which are reverting to their smaller, feral, form) have migrated about four meters east. I intend to migrate back into my living room.

I've just...

... succumbed to a spot of late-night retail temptation, ordering both a remastered edition of Pink Floyd's "Meddle" (from November 1971, when I bought a vinyl copy in Cambridge) and a used copy of David Severn's 1957 SF novel "The Future Took Us", which was a favourite item of comfort library (re)reading on my annual holidays with one of my mad aunts in the Midlands.

And they say you can never go back :-)



1  Can you blame them?
2  Can you blame me?