2014 — 24 April: Thursday

Yesterday's little burst of procrastination1 may have solved yesterday's "what to do about lunch?" issue very nicely, but I fear it did nothing for the longer-term food issue of the coming weekend. And last night's first concentrated three-hour burst (just one of the five DVDs) of "The Story of Film" only brought me to the threshold of sound, which meant I was largely unfamiliar with (and not, to be honest, always terribly interested in) the heady barrage of material and facts presented.

Lassus and Tchaikovsky have been clearing the head this morning.

There had been...

... just a hint of mist when I first sniffed the morning air and opened the skylight. However, it had dispersed before I hit the road in good time to be the second person to check out a scan-as-you-go device in Waitrose. The traffic was heavy enough on the return to persuade me on to Asda for a quick snoop around. But that's a tale that can wait until the fast has been broken since I'm now officially starving.

In the meantime, do we really need yet another human virus? It may not easily spread but the fatality rate is high. (Link.)

I often wondered...

... what their job entailed:

The naysayer's view of philosophy as failed or immature science denies it the possibility of progress, as does the yea-sayer's view of philosophy as a species of literature. But neither conforms to what philosophy is really about, which is to render our human points of view ever more coherent... We lead conceptually compartmentalized lives, our points of view balkanized so that we can live happily with our internal tensions and contradictions, many of the borders fortified by unexamined presumptions. It's the job of philosophy to undermine that happiness, and it's been at it ever since the Athenians showed their gratitude to Socrates for services rendered by offering him a cupful of hemlock.

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein in Chronicle


Asda's little bounty

Fingers crossed:

BD and DVD

Close study of the small print Ts and Cs...

Digital HD

... shown here at life size gives me no compelling reason to download, or stream, the "Digital HD" version.

I've just chosen, and will be waiting in tomorrow for the delivery of, a new keyboard (with illuminated keys) and my first-ever Blu-ray drive for BlackBeast. I spoil that PC!

I must admit...

... I've never wondered what the caterpillar stage of the Pink Underwing moth looks like... One thing it doesn't resemble, obviously, is lunch. Which it's about time for.

The Alzheimer's Society...

... evidently has a great deal more faith in the accuracy of the Royal Mail's postcode data analysis than I do. I've just received a personal snailmail asking me to consider giving £1,000 or more — the cost for one patient to have blood and spinal fluid samples taken and analysed for different protein markers.

Those whom...

... fungus hath joined, let no man put asunder (or taste):

Conjoined toms

At least — as far as I can tell — there's nothing else in my fridge a month past its "Use by" date and in current need of a shave.

I've just realised...

... I don't know the collective noun for a set of galaxies. A starburst, perhaps?



1  I opted for lunch rather than shopping.