2014 — 25 January: Saturday

Hi-fi systems are not the only domestic technology subject to a law of diminishing returns,1 it seems.

Since disconnecting...

... (though leaving in situ "just in case") the second of my two ancient (and noisy) "chest" freezers in the kitchen — the permanently-open door to which is directly behind where I'm sitting right now — I have been relying on the freezer compartment of the much bigger, much quieter, and rather younger, Bosch Classixx "upright" fridge-freezer. Though this has so far proven to be of more than adequate capacity for my anticipated "freezing" needs, I have now therefore become much more aware of:

  1. the creaking sound (only when I lean back) of the single surviving office chair I chose
  2. the ticking sound of (what else?) the stepping motor of the clock that Christa chose, that I park (largely for sentimental reasons) on top of the unused2 'plasma' gas fire that we both chose early in 2007
  3. the noise of the CPU cooling fan and the one case fan I still permit to operate in BlackBeast (which has a so-called "gaming" case)

What's a poor chap to do? Find the oil can, for starters. Then remove the battery from the clock. And also start investigating quieter PC cases, of course.

But not before breakfast, more tea, the assembly of a packed lunch, and my planned rendezvous with my intrepid walking chum. Alresford is apparently on our menu today. Meanwhile, I can simply turn up the volume of my music, I guess.


5.5 miles later...

... the clothes are laundering, the boots and walking trousers have had (most of) the mud scraped off, a fresh cuppa is gently cooling, and I've just received news of the annual hike in dear Mama's care-home fees to a quite eye-watering £1,274 per week. Worth every penny, but not cheap! And way out of my own pay grade (as it were). I suspect I shall be ending my own days in a cardboard carton under a railway bridge somewhere.

The current (16:32) burst...

... of rain and high wind is not mentioned on the Met Office page "predicting" weather hereabouts. Perhaps they've all been blown home for the weekend? [Long pause] Next time I looked, there were lots of stars visible.



1  Not to mention entropy.
2  It's unused, for two reasons: the dull roar of its pilot light, and the fact that my now-effective central heating system I've been enjoying since "Bri the Plumb" installed it for me in 2010 renders it entirely surplus to requirements :-)