2013 — 20 September: Friday

So far this morning1 I've received a credit note from my ISP, my download allowance has been adjusted upward, and BT will be doing "their bit" at some point before 23:59 today. All I have to do is stare, bemusedly, at the overnight flurry of emails and the condensation fogging up not the main un-double-glazed living room window but the single-glazed one adjacent to it. (Big Bro inadvertently led to the reversion of un-double-glazing to single on that one while he was re-puttying or repainting the frame for me several years ago and opened the window so wide [and/or jerked2 it so violently] that my plastic extra panel broke in half and went the way of all flesh.)

Like so much else, it now spends its days behind one of the garden sheds... and will in due course provide rich pickings for a future archaeologist, although whether such a creature will be human remains a curiously uninteresting unanswered question. Personally, I'm in favour of letting the ants try, if you recall the story by the late Frederik Pohl.

Busy, busy

Places to do, things to be... or is it the other way round?

Catching up...

... with Mr Postie's droppings (I was actually out when he called):

DVD and CDs

The version of "Red right hand" on the "Best of" compilation is a couple of minutes shorter than the one I downloaded after hearing it on Guy Garvey's "finest" hour last Sunday, but is none the worse for that.

Whenever I think...

... I must surely by now have encountered the most stupid politician ever, along comes another one with his foot so far into his mouth that he's clearly kicked his brain completely out. I only clean behind my fridge about once every two years; does that make me a slut, too? This is the lovely chap who also gave us his "Bongo Bongo Land" remark last month. What were people thinking when they elected him an MEP, I wonder? (Link.)

Better to stay silent — and be thought an idiot — than to speak, and remove all possible doubt.



1  And this all occurred at about 03:45 so I was at a somewhat degraded level of consciousness :-)
2  The jury has absented itself.