2013 — 7 September: Saturday

With the hallway room thermostat reporting 19C1 this morning I strongly suspect any "autumn deniers" will soon have to change their tune as that jolly season now seems to be up and running towards us at some speed. Tea helps :-)

Nary a twinge from the temporary dental repairs, too — a welcome bonus. Meanwhile, I note I'm embarking on my 2,500th day of retirement (give or take). Crikey. Equally bemusing was the sight of a large mobile crane trundling up the road a few minutes ago. Given that "down the road" is a cul-de-sac, one wonders what exactly it was up to down there. Apart from slinging its hook.

Fresh from...

... his recent Parliamentary triumph this week blaming senior civil servants for the latest nugget of massive guvmint I.T. project management failure (that's not so much "news" as a story that simply never goes away, isn't it?) I see the charmless "quiet man" of recent Tory leadership infamy runs a department that is now to class 1,000,000 of the UK's lowest paid employees as "not working enough":

The feckless poor

Where is all this work, by the way? The "desolate" north east, I assume. Or maybe a lot further to the east. Still, the solution is clear, surely? Just bring back domestic servants and let the asinine theories of Reagan/Thatcher's "trickle down economics" be put to a controlled experiment... Quite how the LibDems can continue to prop up this disgustingly emetic farce of a coalition guvmint staggers me. I hesitate to join the recent punning bandwagon, but the phrase "fracking hell" does come to mind.

Endless fun (1)

This is why I can spend hours in a bookshop:

Endless fun (2)

And this is why I can spend 477 minutes watching TV:

Big Bang Season #6 DVDs

Thanks, Mr Postie. It (partially) compensates for the credit card bill and the care-home invoice. I suppose.


... afternoon sky. To my left (out of the patio doors) we have fluffy white sunlit clouds and blue sky. To my right (through the front windows) we have Ragnarok gathering by the look of it. Haven't seen such a thunderous look since parting ways with my first Latin master in 1963. I have just closed the skylight.

Further autumnal proof? How about "Last Night of the Proms"?



1  And an undeniable layer of condensation on one of the remaining windows still to boast my home-grown double glazing system.