2013 — 17 August: Saturday

There are some Saturday mornings when the "nostalgia quotient" of the stuff played by Brian Matthew on his "Sounds of the 60s" is beyond ridiculous.1 A cuppa always helps.

Meanwhile, getting out of over-hot water — Brian had left it set on 62C but I've knocked it down to 48C (provoking a mysterious "Eco" to appear on the display) — proved to be as trivial an adjustment as had the resetting of the boiler's clock.

I confess...

... I was blissfully unaware of a 1- to 5-minute glitch in Google's availability yesterday. I gather there's yet to be an explanation, too. Ho-hum. Meanwhile, the (unrelated) explanation on offer from BBC Radio 4 here (that I've been following for a couple of weeks) on recent financial shenanigans is proving horribly dumbed-down.

Given the rain, I'm surprised I can't hear the brambles actively growing out there.

I've been experimenting...

... with software that will take a hi-res image and "tile" it across multiple pages so I can print them one-by-one on the A4-size paper that's all my venerable little HP LaserJet2 can handle, and then re-assemble the original. I first tried AcePoster, and then moved on to Posteriza. Both are perfectly fit for purpose, and the latter even throws in "trim" marks to assist with my eventual scalpel and straight-edge session in due course.

But I have to say that the sending of such large batches of data across the USB2 link to the printer is a task of wondrous slowness. I even had to remind myself of how to empty the printer queue under Win8 (naturally, my patience ran out at one point and I'd foolishly fired off another print request that only served to gum up the works yet more). I somehow doubt the old parallel port was faster, and I strongly suspect there may be little or no data-optimising going on.

Still, the software is free, certainly for evaluation purposes, and that's a price I can happily live with. There's also code called ProPoster on my little list. But I fear my need for another cuppa exceeds my need to continue my experiments just yet. It's 16:57 and finally seems to have stopped raining. Glorious summer... not.

Now what do you suppose...

... this unwanted behaviour means?

Web browser glitch

And they call these things Finite State Machines. Pah!



1  Doesn't stop it from being entertaining, of course.
2  I was a bit dischuffed to discover that the "Finishing" option on newer HP printers sometimes allows you to specify such tiling of an oversized image and print it out tile by tile directly without recourse to third-party code.