2013 — 9 August: Friday

While my trusty little Get_iPlayer invocation1 casts its net over / snaffles Proms 27 through 33 I can admire the sun-bronzed appearance of my neighbours (as they pile out of a crowded taxi on their return from a Christian holiday camp) and vaguely start thinking thoughts of a breakfasty nature. It is, after all, not all that long before we stray into afternoon territory. No civilised IBM retiree would ever eat breakfast after noon, surely?

It's surprisingly easy...

... to understand why "Private Eye" regularly refers to the Serious Farce Office. (Link.)
... to see why Richard Dawkins does himself no favours by twittering about Nobel prizes. (Link.)
... to see how cloud computing in the US might get wobbly. (Link.)
... to see just how stupid Ukip thinks we are. (Link.)

My ISP — taking a surprisingly rapid interest in my morning burst of incoming bytes — emails me to say I'm at 54.89% of my monthly broadband limit. I blame "Tannhauser".

Minor miracle

My wondrous new smartphone is now consistently showing between three and four "bars" of signal strength, even down here in the living room. Fingers crossed, I may even be able to use it for phone calls around here...

Meanwhile, I have to admit I laughed delightedly when I saw this...

Austen meets Rowling?

... without feeling any urge to delve deeper. The world of FanFiction.net is truly a weird and wonderfully zany place. [Pause] Time for a spot of sunny afternoon lunch? A prawn or two, perhaps?

Glancing in a mirror...

... while still laughing at a Martin Honeysett cartoon in the new "Eye" I'm only faintly appalled to realise that I now sport just as many laughter lines2 as Christa had at my age — and we're (perish the thought) very nearly exactly the same age, too :-)

Having been delighted...

... to "discover" Robbie Robertson all by myself (with his lovely eponymous début album in 1987) I was equally pleased to discover (just after I'd finished conscientiously listening to, but not tremendously enjoying, Mahler's large symphony #5 in tonight's Prom) that the two episodes of his BBC 6Music-produced musical "story" from last year showed up again in the wee small hours and (treading softly on my ever-diminishing broadband allowance) have turned up in response to another burst of get_iplayering.



1  Fear not! I shall easily be able to delete any and all unwanted Wagner unheard before it pollutes the shades of Technology Towers.
2  Or "wrinkles", as dear Mama would doubtless have characterised them.