2013 — 23 July: Tuesday

I have been misinformed.1 The predicted 07:00 downpour was no more tangible than the average politician's promise. I shall reset my targetting computer's sights on the O2 shop in Eastleigh and hope for greater felicity there in about four hours from now. I expect, by then, it will be pouring with the falsely-forecast rain.

Those pesky paradigm shifts...

... sure take their time, don't they? I can't help wondering quite what arrant nonsense features on the curriculum of some of the UK's zanier "faith-based schools" if this is what's been happening with our transatlantic cousins. The idea of "science" — which, after all, derives from a language in which it means "knowledge" — teaching being declared against the law is just about enough (these days) to "do my 'ead in". (Link.)

Is it something about...

... blokes wearing funny hats, do you suppose, that gives rise to them spouting unfunny opinions? And why are they so keen on their apocalypse in any case? (Link.)

And, by the way, just what does it mean to be human? A question that's obviously, erm, bugging people:

Bacteria r Us

We're nothing but carrier bags for bugs. But who's in charge? [Pause] And are we destined to be landfill, or recycled? [Pause] Having topped up the foody storage bits I shall sup a cup and then hit the (still dry) road into the local Metrolops. New toy ahoy (I hope).

Quite a bit later

The phone was collected, has been initialised, updated,2 is drinking its first full charge, has already been proven to recognise three different wi-fi networks, and has received a bunch of email, a handful of text messages, and even made a couple of calls. I've also got an extra 23GB of Dropbox storage free for the next two years. Lunch was another two personal firsts: a Mexican chicken fajita and a raspberry/blueberry smoothie while waiting for the (tardy) delivery to the O2 shop.

I notice the predicted Noah's Ark flood conditions have yet to occur locally. There's a walk tentatively on the cards for tomorrow, and a lunch date with Gill'n'Chris on either Thursday or Friday. She's just begun her first week of radiotherapy but sounded nicely upbeat a few minutes ago (yes, I admit, on the new toy).

Acting on...

... information received just a few minutes ago, I pointed Chrome at Ronnie Scott's for a live stream of Wynton Marsalis and his quintet:

Wynton Marsalis

Thanks for the tip, Tom. Almost like being there :-)



1  And by the BBC, too. Who can credit it?
2  I was kindly offered, and gratefully accepted, the use of Len's uncapped broadband for the first major task, which was updating the OS to "Jelly Bean" (Android 4.2.2) and picking up nearly a dozen updates to the set of pre-installed Apps. That, alone, would have eaten 25% of my monthly 2GB data allowance had I done it 'over the air' rather than via Len's wi-fi.