2013 — 7 June: Friday

Having woken from a dream so bizarre1 it's made me wonder anew at what can go on in one's noggin, I've just read last night's "OK" from Chris for me to feel free to nip out for some supplies ahead of any potential 'taxi' duty later today. Meanwhile, I now find myself curiously eager to get my hands on the Synology box as I realise (having read the guide) it can do so much more than simply be a 'passive' NAS data device.

There's also an unused USB port on the side of my new Technicolor router upstairs next to the interface to the Outside World that (as it were) has quite some potential for externalised amusement. Even at a mere 1 or 2 Mbps, upload speed. So I'm now predicting some need to understand a bit more about setting up partitions, as well as network shares.

The rain...

... now suggests the perversity of the local portion of my universe is, as usual, tending to a maximum.

Once upon a...

... morning dreary, as I pondered weak and weary...


... my attention was drawn to the first user review of the above item.

I refuse to let...

... the distant rumbles of thunder distract me from the happy thought that Novatech's email suggests the four HD USB3 cases will be with me at almost exactly the same time as the Synology NAS and its pair of new 3TB drives. Now where shall I turn to for four cheap USB3 leads? :-)

Perversity to ever higher powers?

Apparently the "quilted multiverse" — Brian Greene's simplest of nine different flavours of reality — could have consequences:

quilted multiverse

I can't help wondering2 how my life over there is going... And indeed whether PRISM is tracking me at such a remove.


... the more closely I read the Synology DiskStation User's Guide, and a batch of online "How To" pages, the more worried I get. It's beginning to look as if the only thing it cannot do is make me cups of tea. And that will never do.



1  It's still putting a smile on my face and causing mild hoots of derision well into my initial cuppa, which was not usually the case when the setting was IBM Hursley — well, not the smile bit :-)
2  I know one is advised to keep an open mind, but I don't think it should be so open as to risk one's brain slipping out.