2013 — 9 April: Tuesday

Some overnight rain for a change and, as my tea readies itself, my laptop PC upstairs (a somewhat sacrificial lamb) is undergoing what the "Action Center" cluelessly describes as automatic routine1 maintenance. To precisely what end, I have no idea. Now, where's that start-em-up cuppa?

There is — naturally — an explanation of sorts here. Gotta love "Automatic Maintenance facilitates idle efficiency". That's my kind of efficiency, after all.

I'm not surprised to hear of street parties 'celebrating' the death of La Thatch. As I wrote elsewhere, nearly 20 years ago:

Opinions still vary here in the UK on the extent and scope of the celebrations — street or otherwise — that will inevitably accompany her eventual demise. Assuming she's not one of the Undead already, that is. At least her keepers now firmly discourage her from speaking in public, a quarter of a century or so too late.

Date: 1994

Not my favourite woman.

Mother Hubbard's...

... cupboard has, once again, fewer echoes than of late. It's moist and rather cool out there, but not actually raining. The newspapers on display are strictly unoriginal with their choice of lead story. Have they really nothing more newsworthy?

This afternoon's lesson...

... also more commonly known as "RTFM", is that the 'Eject' button I'd never previously noticed on the remote control for the Western Digital HD TV Live media streamer does indeed dismount any local storage devices (and thus can be used to save me the pointless exercise of having BlackBeast complain and perform a fruitless error scan on them each time when they are next used to transfer files). Thank you, Len.

Lunch was nice, too. As, I predict, will be my next cuppa, any minute now (now being 15:15, give or take). Meanwhile, that terribly nice Tony Bliar chappie suggests that people holding parties to 'celebrate' the death of La Thatch are showing "pretty poor taste" which is a rich comment from that young man. He suggests you have to show some respect. Why's that, pray tell? Respect has to be earned, not mandated.

I wonder...

... how much it stings to give up a knighthood and 30% of an annual pension of £580,000 for demonstrating, rather too vividly, a degree of incompetence? I think I could live quite well on the residue (or the discard, for that matter). A society that rewards bankers that richly is riding for a fall. And people must surely realise by now that financial deregulation kicked off by the dear departed and her late sidekick on the other side of the Atlantic nearly three decades ago has had its part to play... (Link.)

This evening's lesson...

... consists of the next 115.9MB of updates and security patches. Thank you, Microsoft. And again, of course, on the laptop upstairs.

There is, if the weather isn't too unkind, a walk on the cards for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.



1  Variety being the spice of life.