2013 — 15 March: Friday

A phone call1 means I may now be making a hospital "taxi" run early this morning (rather than seeing Dr Fang's sidekick) so I shall call it a night for the time being, the time being just a couple of minutes or so after midnight. G'night.

And here I am, missing...

... only the bright eye and the bushy tail, ready for whatever the new day has chosen to sling in my direction. I had the most extraordinary dream about bumming a low-level lift on a refurbished executive jet that was being delivered, taking off from the centre of London. Let Freud analyse that — I haven't a clue where it came from, as it were. Nor the jet, for that matter, never having even sat in one.

Breakfast beckons. [Pause] And the anticipated phone call from Chris has caused me to cancel / postpone Dr Fang and prepare for my little burst of taxi duty. Happy to be able to help, believe me.

Having swung by...

... my favourite convenient grocer on the way back from my initial hospital trip — and even managed to reply to the text message I received en route back [after safely pausing in the Compton walk parking lay-by and working out how to disable the truly horrible predictive text that was intent on thwarting my reply] — I'm now back at Technology Towers basically waiting for my next summons. I think a 'lemonses' cuppa will be next on my agenda. It's rather cold and wet out there.

It's possible that, from time to time, I may have expressed my low opinion of cancer. Nothing so far has changed that opinion, I find. And why it has to pick on the people I love continues to baffle me. Perhaps I was awesomely wicked in a previous life?

I'm equally easily baffled by mobile phone technology. Vodaphone, for example, has just pissed me off for the last time with their incessant crappy advertising text messages. I have put a "STOP" to it. Meanwhile, just read what El Reg has to say about the Samsung Galaxy S 4...

The number and type of sensors aboard the S 4 is impressive: accelerometer, RGB light, compass, proximity, gyroscope, barometer, temperature, humidity, and gesture...

Rik Myslewski in El Reg

I have no doubt it needs its 2.6 Amp Hour battery. But a full HD resolution screen of 5" diagonal? Really? [Pause] Just back from the final taxi trip for today. Next one may still be on Monday morning. Time (13:14) to think about a spot of lunch, methinks.

For my next trick...

... I shall totter over to my favourite local tea & biccy emporium to find out what's been going on. Wrap up warm, David. It feels chilly out there. And don't forget to sort out a book for Eileen — I've just introduced her to Betty "The Egg and I" MacDonald. [Pause] Followed, when I got home, by the excellent Kermode & Mayo film review podcast. Which brings me neatly to time for my evening meal. I'm starving, again, as usual. But the weekend starts here, as they say.

And — hard though it may be to believe — after watching the eleventh episode of (the remake of) "House of Cards" I'm now decompressing with the Shadows' 20 greatest hits. Does it get any more retro than that, I wonder?

Having just proved...

... that I can also login to my new Financial Universe with my memorable data without using dear Mama's PIN generator, I can also see that it was rather prudent of me to shovel some cash into the new account, because another of my direct debits has sniffed out the new location and snaffled their pound of flesh. Meanwhile, the equally prudent Pru has now sent two identical snailmails, two days apart, confirming the change in my details... so I thought it prudent to ask one of their humans whether this was a glitch or something more sinister. Just as I did with the new mob, I got the phrase:

"That's very odd, sir. It's never happened before."

What a comforting phrase that is, to be (un)sure.



1  Several hours ago, now.